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BBC NEWS | Wolfram Alpha ‘as important as Google’

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BBC NEWS | Technology | Web tool ‘as important as Google’. Here’s a new search tool that will – apparently – be “like interacting with an expert, it will understand what you’re talking about, do the computation, and then present you with the results”. Dr Wolfram says: “Wolfram Alpha is like plugging into a vast electronic brain…It computes answers – it doesn’t merely look them up in a big database.”

It is clearly a very sophisticated search engine – I imagine it has a bit of natural language processing with some “mashup” algorithms – and all such developments are very exciting. I am sure it will be very, very useful in relevant contexts and will have lots of very productive applications. It just seems to me to be ironic that the experts who devote themselves to promoting knowledge and understanding are so bad at picking words to describe in a sensible way what they have achieved. Is it marketing departments gone mad? Are they all misquoted by mischievous journalists? I hope if I spoke about this to Dr Wolfram he would understand what I’m talking about…

UPDATE: There’s a New Scientist preview of Wolfram Alpha, which explains a bit more about how it works. As far as I can work out, they have built a big database and are promoting its “authoritativeness” – so back to the “quality information has been mediated by experts” model.

ANOTHER UPDATE: First impressions from BBC technology: Wolfram Alpha first impressions.

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Meaning – solved

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Ever pondered what exactly something meant? Not sure if you’d missed some subtext subtlety or failed to grasp a nuance of technical term usage? Wonder no more. The merger of Autonomy and Interwoven will explain it all. According to Mike Lynch, founder and chief executive of Autonomy, in an interview published in Information World Review in March, the merger “will let Autonomy put its technology inside Interwoven products and make them capable of understanding meaning….meaning-based computing extracts the digital essence of information and understands the meaning of content and interactions.”

I really need to get my hands on the new product so it can explain to me what “the digital essence of information” means!