Social Tagging and the Enterprise: Does Tagging Work at Work? | Earley & Associates confirms my suspicion that people aren’t as enthusiastic about content tagging at work as they are at home, tagging for fun or when it is their own content. As usual, it’s all about context. There are lots of ways tagging can work at work, but it isn’t reliable for core or high value asset management and information retrieval.

Taxonomies are sometimes criticised for not being scalable (or at least not scalable cheaply), but folksonomies only work really well when the scale is massive (e.g. web-wide). Most enterprises are right in the middle, which is presumably why synergistic solutions remain popular.

Here’s a similar take: Explicit and implicit metadata @ CommonPlace.Net.

The ever excellent Green Chameleon covered another aspect: Green Chameleon » The War Between Awareness and Memory.