I’ve just read Steve Bailey‘s book Managing the Crowd: Records Management 2.0. It is a thought-provoking and timely read and very enjoyable as well. There’s an RM 2.0 Ning site too. There’s a good summary on the TFPL website. Bailey is clear that he is trying to provoke debate, so I will raise a question. There is a widely held belief that people like tagging, but I’m not sure that this applies once you get into the office. People love to tag their own photos on Flickr, but is that because they like tagging or because they like their own photos? Similarly, people like to tag their own blog posts, but is this not a rather self-selecting sample? If you have the time, motivation, and energy to blog, the additional burden of adding a few tags to try to get yourself a few more readers is hardly great. So, is there any evidence out there that people tag work documents just as enthusiastically as they tag stuff about themselves? Are they really as enthusiastic about thinking of appropriate tags for financial reports and product information sheets as they are about tagging their favourite songs or You Tube clips?