Thanks to Mark for unearthing this hilarious post on desserts that reference other desserts from
Raspberry Debacle. To give you a flavour (no pun intended) the post describes the “classificatory difficulties” of organising desserts. “What are the fundamental dessert types, the metaphorical atoms of dessert, or “dessertoms”? A brownie is very “stable”, which is to say it can be combined with many different desserts while still remaining delicious — but surely it isn’t a fundamental dessert type: a brownie is basically just a sulky teenage cake. A crepe, on the other hand, probably is a fundamental dessert type, but it’s a relatively unstable one — it won’t taste good if you put it on a cookie….

Clearly this is a topic that requires for further discussion:

a rigorously defined vocabulary;
extensive research to discover the fundamental dessert types;
some sort of consistency in what “applying dessert type A to dessert type B” actually entails; and
Lots of little pictures on graph paper.”